Friday, December 19, 2008


First off, the name of the blog... It came from this exchange:

Q: I stumbled across a past podcast where you and JackO debate how he got his nickname and you conceded that he remembers things much better than you do. This reminded me of my group of college friends (we've been together for 15 years now) and how I have a knack for remembering things a little too well. For this, they've dubbed me the "whore historian." Before you jump to the likely conclusion as to why I have the nickname, let me explain: I can remember almost every guy/girl my friends have hooked up with, how they met, where we were, what nickname we gave the guy/girl and why they were dubbed said nickname. So if we want a good session of ripping each other apart, people usually call/text me for ammo. Is this a skill I can put on my résumé?
-- e., Chicago

SG: My initial answer: Yes. My second thought: I'd call it the "Whoristorian." Just sounds better. My third thought: You're the leader in the clubhouse for "Sports Guy Reader of the Year" right now. My fourth thought: You should definitely have your own blog. My fifth thought: I'm going to say a prayer tonight that my wife doesn't have a college roommate who earned the nickname, "The Whore Historian," or even "The Whoristorian." OK, I'm done.

So thank you, Sports Guy, for the name of this blog.

Second, what am I going to write about? Anything's free game. This'll be a space for me to remember random stories and share them. Who doesn't like to reminisce? It'll be a space for me to vent about ... just anything. Basically, it's going to be a space where for my random thoughts. Hope you enjoy them...

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