Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quit teasin' me!

I just got back from 40 hours in Orlando, Florida. Seriously, 40 hours at the Ritz, in sunny, 80 degree weather. I didn't really care that I was going to be there for such a short time because I knew I'd get a full day in the sun, lying by a pool and just relaxing. They even keep the screaming kids away! Somehow, reading about cognitive therapy and psychological disorders doesn't seem so bad when you're poolside.

Anyway, as I left for the airport today, I kept thinking, "This was just TOO short. What a tease." Which leads to my next topic: The various types of teases we've encountered in our lives, have tolerated and have accepted (even though we're not quite happy with them).
  • The vacation tease: A too short trip to paradise. (See above trip to Orlando.)
  • The sex tease: You know this one. You think you're going to get laid but you don't.
  • The job tease: The interview goes extremely well and you think you've totally landed the job. But no, they hire someone else.
  • The date tease: A guy asks for your number, says he's going to call you but then never does. Why bother getting the number then??
  • The dick tease: When you think a guy's going to have a big penis but doesn't. Total disappointment.
  • The friendship tease: I'll let Laura explain… "When you meet a new girl at work, school, etc. and they add you on Facebook, come up with all sorts of things you need to do together and then none of it happens. Made worse when she posts pictures of her with others at the streetfest/wine tasting/Cubs game you were supposed to attend together."
  • The relationship tease: Again from Laura: "I have found [this] to be very popular in Chicago. When a guy takes you out on nice dates, i.e., dinner at a nice place, to the zoo (cause only people in a relationship do that), staying in and cooking – but then tells you that somehow you have gotten the wrong idea and he isn't interested in dating/relationship, just hooking up. Take me to a bar and get me hammered if that's all you want."
I'm sure I'm missing many other types of teases. But the lingering question is... Why do we put up with this? Is the anticipation that something might happen what we're really looking for? Do we just like to torture ourselves? Or... Is the 40 hours of paradise acceptable because hey, at least we got a break? I'm going to guess YES. Cause even though Orlando was a tease and I'm sad to be back in bitter cold and snow, I wouldn't change those 40 hours for anything...

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