Friday, December 26, 2008

Whatta goal

Most people don't care about hockey but I'm not one of them... I've seen OHL, IHL, AHL and NHL games, on top of various college games from multiple conferences. And no, I'm not a puck bunny; I just love the pace and intensity of the game - at every level. And if you haven't seen a game, GO NOW. Watching it live makes it SO much better.

I remember Mike Legg's awesome goal against Minnesota.

I didn't really think I'd see anything that'd top Legg's creativity but this might be it. John Tavares scored this goal during an exhibition game in the World Junior Championships. Just shows you how much these guys work on hand-eye coordination.

And yes, the fights are pretty awesome, too. Osgood takes down Roy!!

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  1. If you're a hockey fan, you'll definitely appreciate this goal:

    I was at the game when it happened, and no one quite figured out how amazing the goal was until after the fact.